Road Race


The Whitnash Road Race has been run annually alongside the Whitnash Fun Day since its inception in 2003, organised in those days by Whitnash athlete Cavin Woodward with the assistance of the Leamington Cycling & Athletic Club.   Cavin was a world record-breaking athlete in ultra distances, breaking world records at 30 miles, 50 miles, 100km, 150km and 100 miles.    His world record time for the 100 miles was 11 hours, 43 minutes, 52 seconds, which he ran in 1975 around the track at Tipton.   During his running career, Cavin ran 217 races of marathon distance or longer, finishing in the top three in nearly half of them and completing all but three marathons in under three hours.   He was a tremendous athlete, highly respected throughout the running fraternity all over the world.

Cavin had a great passion for Whitnash, and when asked to organise a road race in 2003, he gladly agreed to organise a 3 mile road race around the streets of Whitnash.   Following his untimely and sudden death from a heart attack in 2010, the race was organised that year by fellow athlete and friend, Ray Morgan, with the help of other Leamington Cycling and Athletic Club stalwarts, Alan Edwards and Stewart Barnes, together with the Woodward family, when it was called the Cavin Woodward Memorial run.

Until 2014 the run has been a 3 mile race, but in 2015, this changed to a 5Km road run, adding one-tenth of a mile to the distance.


The run will comprise a two-lap course, starting in Murcott Road West and turning left into Summerton Road, and then left into Landor Road, left into Moorhill Road and right into Rowley Road.    At the end of Rowley Road, turn left into Coppice Road right down to the junction with Murcott Road East when runners will turn into Murcott Road and then right into Whitmore Road.   This will comprise the first lap.   Runners will be carefully guided across Franklin Road near to the Whitnash Library and back into Landor Road to start the second lap.    When runners reach the Library on the second lap they will turn directly right into Franklin Road, and right again into Heathcote Road for a few yards before being guided across the road in front of the Acre Close shops.     A turn left between the two rows of shops will lead to the finish down Acre Close and through the field gates to the finishing line about 150 metres from the gate through our new finishing arch and into the tunnel.   Please note that if runners do not complete the whole two laps of the race they MUST NOT go through the finishing tunnel as this can cause great confusion with the results.



Every runner who completes the whole course will receive a medal at the finish.    There will also be perpetual trophies for various categories, and the winners of these trophies will also receive a keepsake trophy as well as have their name engraved on the race trophies.

The categories are as follows:

1st Male                                 – Johnson Controls Trophy

1st Female                             – 1st Lady Trophy

1st Under 18                         – Thomas Ellard Trophy

1st Male Over 40                  –  Cavin Woodward Trophy

1st Whitnash Resident          – Eugene Meads Memorial Trophy


Open the link below to view this year’s results.

Whitnash 5km Road Race Results 2016